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Expectations Vs Reality: The Academic Life of A Student

Coming to college, students are having a lot of expectations and hope. However, there’s always a big gap between reality and expectation. Most expectations of students about college life are very different from the reality in the aspect of homework, relationship, partying and outfits. First and foremost, the overload of homework is one of the realities comparing with the expectation of being a college student. Students expect they can enjoy their college life without homework. In fact, the reality of going to a college doesn't lighten the burden of homework but just even worst. According to a coursework writing service , students have to study harder and pay a long time compared to the days in high school. Students might have the chance to stuck in the library for a couple of days to complete their assignments on time. Partying: Expectation: Before starting college, life there appears to be revolving around nothing but friends, party invitations, late-night parties, staying out fo