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What Is A Concept Paper? Is It Different From Research Paper?

A concept paper is a very initial step towards a research paper. It is a very short document usually of 2-3 pages. It contains all the information about your main study. The details it includes are the purpose of the study, the importance of the study. It also incorporates information about the method of the research. In contrast, a research paper is a lengthy document. It contains all the information in detail. It includes everything from detailed purpose to explained procedures of the methods incorporated. The length of a research paper varies. It can be 4-5 pages or as long as 20 pages. Research papers are also called the output of your concept paper. It is because you write a concept paper to present your idea. Besides, the research paper explains the idea in detail.   Purpose of Concept Paper The primary purpose of the concept paper is to convince your supervisor that your research is worth doing. This means that your supervisor or reader should first agree on the issue. In the e